wilts community messaging

What is Community Messaging?

  • FREE messages from local police officers about policing and crime matters in your area
  • Members of the public can receive free messages relevant to their area by email, text or voicemail
  • Members of the public can choose which organisations to receive messages from and the type of information they’ll receive
  • Residents can also choose what priority level messages they wish to receive (e.g. Level 5 priority = everything, Level 1 priority = Just the urgent serious messages like high risk missing people etc.)
  • Currently messages are being sent by Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire and Swindon Neighbourhood Watch, Action Fraud and the Rural Crime Team to Horse Watch and Farm Watch members. This will potentially be extending to partner agencies in the future.
  • Members of the public can also reply to messages they receive to help officers better police areas, such as by responding to police appeals for information
  • Members of the public can also rate messages for relevance, content and quality
  • People can also join a neighbourhood Watch scheme in their area or request to start a new one
  • Swindon Community Messaging aims to improve the flow of information between communities and the police.

Why would the public sign up to Community Messaging?

  • It is free for the public
  • Messages directly in to residents inboxes, they do not have to search their timelines for this information.
  • Messages specifically about their area – targeted, tailored messages strictly relevant to their area. (e.g. Calne residents will not receive information about Swindon)
  • It engages the demographics we currently miss with other communications channels (e.g. Social Media) as we can engage with people who have email accounts but no social media accounts, or mobile phones or landlines but no internet access.
  • We have control of the messages we send out rather than relying on the press to print our news/updates/crime advice.

How does it work? 

  • Members of the public visit www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk and ‘join’   
  • When joining members of the public will need to supply their address (so they can be mapped into their local policing team area) and at least one form of contact – an email address, mobile number or landline
They don’t have to supply any other information, but obviously the more information they supply the better messages can be targeted for them – (e.g. demographic, interest group)




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