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MTCWe need YOUR help during the Coronavirus Outbreak!


Mere Town Council is working on an Operational Plan to help vulnerable residents during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In the first instance, we are looking for healthy volunteers willing to undertake small tasks including (but not limited to) collection of small items of shopping or a friendly phone call.

If you can help with either (1) or (2) below, or would like more information, please contact:

Lindsey Wood (Town Clerk) at the Town Council office on 01747 860701 or by email:
Richard Jefferies (Chairman of Mere Local Resilience Forum & Editor of Mere Matters) on 01747 863425 or 07950797273 or by email

  1. Names, addresses and contact numbers of volunteers who may be willing to undertake small tasks for those that are self-isolating or may need help in some way.


  1. Names, addresses and contact numbers of volunteers who are willing to act as telephone co-ordinators for the above.


This is not an alternative to the NHS or social services; it will simply be residents looking after each other.

Please could other groups or organisations trying to arrange similar please contact the Town Clerk to avoid duplication of effort & confusion to the general public.

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